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 The technological improvements of the 21st century spurred a new automotive era. An era that has driven auto manufacturers into a technological race that has not been witnessed before. From wireless broadband to advancements in driverless vehicles, the world around us has never been more reliant on technological connectivity. 

Prestige Film Technologies, as a nano-coatings developer and thin film manufacturer, has designated over 6 years into developing CeraLuxe® Infrared Radiation Dispersion (IRD) Window Films. CeraLuxe® utilizes a patent-pending tech that disperses infrared radiation without creating high reflectivity or increasing heat absorption. This new technology allows for effective rejection and dispersion of harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays at near equilibrium throughout the solar spectrum. This patent-pending technological breakthrough is achieved by dispersion of rays that are selectively blocking out intense radiation at from 900nm - 2200nm. 

A product that can produce significant heat rejection, yet remain relatively clear for day or night use while accomplishing this with low reflectivity. The science behind this new product would not reduce any form of electronic signals including: 3G or 4G broadband wireless, keyless entry systems, AM / FM, GPS, bluetooth, mobile phone, etc. 

CeraLuxe® IRD Window Films, utilizes quantum science to integrate our proprietary nano- IR technology to achieve high visible light transmission and high solar radiation rejection. Our technology is also inclusive of a color stable composition that means No Color Fading . Prestige's dedication and technological superiority makes CeraLuxe® IRD a world-class performing solar control window film. 


Exclusively at Extreme Autowerks®

Available in 70%, 45%, 33%, 20% Shades

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