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     ClearGuard Nano™ SR - Self Healing Nano Tech Paint Protection Film


ClearGuard NANO™ Solar Reconvergence (CGN-SR) is the latest technology in Paint Protection Film. Constructed with a revolutionary nano-coating that implements advanced self-healing features with exposure to the sun. The uniqueness of CGN-SR is it's ability to repair surface scratches with infrared, ultravioletrays (UV rays), or heat. Micro-scratches and swirls will dissipate as the film’s molecular structure will begin to re-bond to its original state. This regenerative process will self-heal minor surface scratches even in cold climate.


Liquid Gloss Factor

Another unique feature of ClearGuard NANO™ is our development and implementation of the highest Liquid Gloss Factor in the industry. This is an achievement and measurement of unsurpassed surface brilliance, depth and intense gloss of CGN-SR™ when applied to any vehicle. The result is the highest reflectivity and transparency of any paint protection film on the market. As illustrated in the image below, ClearGuard NANO™ has minimal “Orange Peel” texture and its gloss coating is rated 50% glossier compared to the leading brand.

Exclusively at Extreme Autowerks®

ClearGuard Nano™ SR (left) vs. Leading Brand (right)

Prestige ClearGuard Nano Paint Protection Film Exclusively at Extreme Autowerks®

ClearGuard Nano™ SR - Features

1. Solar Reconvergence - self-healing minor scratches or swirls with exposure to the sun.


2. Anti-Etch and Anti-Stain durable coating.


3. Highest Liquid Gloss Factor of any film on the market with unsurpassed depth and brilliance that creates a mirror finish on your vehicle.


4. Clearest film on the market.


5. Durable PET base urethane to protect underlying paint from scratches and rock chips.


6. Tested and Approved by the best installation facilities in the world.

ClearGuard Nano™ SR - Construction Diagram

Prestige ClearGuard Nano Paint Protection Film Exclusively at Extreme Autowerks®
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