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GlassParency 10 percent Opacity Circle D

What is Glassparency? Glassparency is a water repelling glass treatment that can be applied to ANY glass to improve visibility. The treatment serves more of a purpose than just a water repelling glass treatment, it also keeps bugs, dirt, and road debris from penetrating the glass pores which makes cleaning the glass a lot easier.

The great thing about this water repelling glass treatment is that it can be used on more than just your auto glass, it can be applied architectural glass, residential glass, granite, marine glass, commercial transportation, heavy equipment, solar panels and more. Glassparency is covered by a 3 year warranty program which includes free maintenance.

Once applied, it cures instantly so you can drive your car away right after treatment.

The Major Benefits of GlassParency:

- Ease of application

- Professionally installed

- Backed by a 3-year warranty

- Requires little maintenance

- Increases driver reaction time by 34%

- Improves vision in all weather conditions

- Reduces glare (day and night)

- Increases overall safety of the driver and all passengers

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