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Automotive Window Tint

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All window tint is not created equally. If you are searching for a superior tint, then purple, bubbly tint is not the way to go. This type of tint is called dyed film and it is the industry's entry level window tint, which will likely deteriorate as soon as one year after installation. The cost for this type of tint offered by other tint shops ranges from $100 to $250. When the tint deteriorates, it's not only an eyesore, but it is more money out of your pocket. The cost for window tint removal ranges from $95 to $250. Additionally, you may incur the cost of re-tinting the vehicle. The end result is customer dissatisfaction and money not well spent.

The main difference between window tint films is heat rejection. In the Window Film industry, the higher the heat rejection the higher the material cost. This is due to more money spent on Research and Development and also manufacturing the film. For us the labor charge is the same for any film you pick, so the price difference is in the material. 
Extreme Autowerks® does not offer low quality tint because we believe in offering a superior line of products that are a good investment for our clients and provides ultra high performance. All of the window films we offer is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

If you're interested in maximum heat rejection, Extreme Autowerks® offers three products:
- Prestige Spectra PhotoSync IRD blocks up to 81% of the heat (TSER), 99% of the IR, and 99.5% of the UV rays

- LLumar IRX Series blocks up to 59% of the heat (TSER), 88% of the IR, and 99.5% of the UV rays

At Extreme Autowerks®, we take the time to talk to our clients about the benefits of our tint and showcase what our products really do. We understand that this is an investment and we want our clients to get the best possible quality. We walk our clients through a live-demonstration that will show how well our films perform against the heat. Our IRD (Infrared Radiation Dispersion) films and ceramic films will simply blow you away! 

Tesla Specialists Extreme Autowerks®

Extreme Autowerks® is your Tesla Window Film and Paint Protection Film specialists. There's a reason why we're Tesla owners #1 choice for Window Tint and Paint Protection Film installations. We have done more Teslas than any other company in Southern California.  Majority of our Tesla clients opt for our Extreme Protection Package™ which includes:

  • Prestige Spectra PhotoSync IRD Window Film - Has the highest heat rejection on the market today. Spectra PhotoSync IRD can block up to 80% of the heat (TSER), 99% of the IR, and 99.5% of the UV rays.

  • Full Front-end Paint Protection Film - Helps protect your vehicles front-end from rock chips, road debris, and minor scratches.

  • Modesta Coatings - Modesta Coatings are regarded as the best performing and longest lasting coatings currently available. Modesta Glass Coatings are silica-based and provide amazing chemical protection to paint, wheels, and Paint Protection Film.

Tesla Model X One Piece Front Winshield Tint by Extreme Autowerks®

Extreme Autowerks® is one of the very few shops that can install window film on the Tesla Model X's front windshield with one single piece of window film. Most other shops will install two seperate pieces of window film on the windshield because they're not able to shrink the film and install it on such a huge windshield. With our installation you will not see any seams on the windshield like you would if you install it with two seperate pieces.  Contact us for more info.

Tesla Model X One Piece Windshield Tint Extreme Autowerks®
Tesla Model X One Piece Windshield Tint Extreme Autowerks®
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Extreme Autowerks Prestige Spectra PhotoSync
LLumar AIR 80 Extreme Autowerks® SelectPro Dealer
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What is Glassparency? Glassparency is a water repelling glass treatment that can be applied to ANY glass to improve visibility. The treatment serves more of a purpose than just a water repelling glass treatment, it also keeps bugs, dirt, and road debris from penetrating the glass pores which makes cleaning the glass a lot easier.

Extreme Autowerks Glassparency
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Peace of mind, no matter what you drive

Introducing the aftermarket industry’s first & most comprehensive

vehicle appearance warranty coverages.

Extreme Autowerks Transparent Windshield Warranty
Extreme Autowerks Transparent Interior Warranty
Extreme Autowerks TransparentExtreme Autowerks TransparentExtreme Autowerks TransparentExtreme Autowerks TransparentExtreme Autowerks Transparent Exterior Warranty
Extreme Autowerks Transparent Key FOB Warranty
Extreme Autowerks Transparent PPF Warranty
Extreme Autowerks Transparent Wheel Tire Warranty
Extreme Autowerks Transparent Headlight Warranty
Extreme Autowerks Transparent Dent Ding Protection
Did you know? LLumar Extreme Autowerks®
Did you know? LLumar Extreme Autowerks®
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