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The most advanced technology in automotive window film industry comes in our Spectra PhotoSync® IRD (Infrared Radiation Dispersion) Series. Utilizing our patent-pending IRD (Infrared Radiation Dispersion) design, Spectra PhotoSync® IRD is the industry's most advanced IR Nano-Technology window film for vehicles.

IRD - Infrared Radiation Dispersion Technology (Industry 1st), this Nano-Coating is proprietary to Prestige Film Technologies film lines and it allows for the greatest heat rejection and high IRR rejective state. Spectra PhotoSync® IRD is able to reject up to 99% of the IR up to 2200nm and up to 81% of the heat TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection). Most films in the industry that claims a high IRR specification do so without specifying at which wavelength they test it at. Very often, they only present a high IRR but the performance drops off after 1000nm compared to consistent performance with our films up to 2200nm.

Clear Design - Clarity is never impacted with our window films. Our window films offers exceptional IRR and TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) performance without affecting visibility. Vehicles today are interconnected via broadband wireless signals and Spectra PhotoSync® IRD uses our patent-pending Nano-Coating Technology that keeps your vehicle cooler without impacting any wireless signals.

Exclusively at Extreme Autowerks®

Available in 70%, 55%, 30%, 15% Shades

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