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Satin Guard™,  first launched in 2010, has undergone a generational upgrade in 

its tech. Featuring our proprietary Hybrid Tri-Tone Technology, Satin Guard™ exhibits 3 different sheens depending on the angle of view and lighting conditions. As notably, Satin Guard's Hybrid Tri-Tone Technology is further enhanced in various lighting conditions. In brighter backdrops, the translucence to satin finish is even more dramatic, which gives the vehicle a uniqueness that only Satin Guard™ can provide.

Hydrophobic - Our coated products enjoy the benefit of hydrophobic composition that also has a low energy surface that makes cleaning our products a cinch. With the popularity of Ceramic and high end Glass Coatings, Satin Guard's ™ hydrophobic surface is designed to be compatible with such coatings for a super hydrophobic effect. 

Self-Healing - to maintain the appearance of Satin Guard™ we made sure to 

have our latest self-healing coating infused to the urethane so that you may enjoy 

the new finish of your vehicle for years to come. Minor swirls and scratches will self-heal on its own with exposure to sunlight. 

Protection - rated at 8.2 mils thick and an impact resistant design, Satin Guard™ will give you significantly 

more protection compared to vinyl and ceramic coatings alone. 

Matte Paint - We design our products with much R&D time, and matte paint from the factory is something we anticipated. Satin Guard™ will allow your matte paint to come through nicely without much change aesthetically. Compared to other brands, Satin Guard™ allows the true color of the paint to show through while other products will lighten and dull the color by several shades. 

Exclusively at Extreme Autowerks®

Prestige Satin Guard Tri Tone Extreme Autowerks
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