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Prestige ClearGuard ALPHA™ is the most advanced Paint Protection Film (Clear bra) on the market today with features and technological advancements that far exceed any other product on the market. ClearGuard ALPHA™ (CGA) is a carbon based film and features an all new patent-pending Plasma Memory System in which Self-Healing from light scratches will recover at the most stable pace of any major paint protection film. Instead, the film reacts with oxygen to heal minor scratches instantly.  All of today's Paint Protection Films (Clear bra) require some form of heat source such as heat gun or hot water to activate their Self-Healing function.

We believe this is impractical. To be realistic, who has a heat gun readily available or who would pour hot water onto their entire vehicle in order to get the Self-Healing to begin working?

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Unmatched Self-Healing Technology
No heat is required and Self-Healing from most light scratches will perform at minus 25 degrees Fahrenheit. All other films need to reach temperatures of 85 degrees Fahrenheit to work.

Our team of engineers sought out the advance ClearGuard ALPHA™ technology to fulfill all of the voids in the Paint Protection Film industry:

  • Unmatched Self-Healing Technology

  • Ultimate Clarity

  • Liquid Gloss Factor

  • Best hydrophobicity

  • Best Chemical Resistance

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Ultimate Clarity

Advanced optically clear adhesive system designed to enhance the luster and sheen of your existing paint.

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Best Hydrophobicity

Super Hydrophobicity create a self-cleaning surface that repels dirt and helps with ease of maintenance.

Best Chemical Resistance

Hard water, Bugs, Solvents, and other harmful contaminants can leave etch marks on other films - ClearGuard ALPHA™ is more resistant to Etchings & Stains.

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Competitor's Film

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