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600 Lunar Ave., Suite B

Brea, CA. 92821

Auto Tint

"Where the finest Window Films meets our Master Installations"

We are one of the leaders in our Industry. With our passion, dedication, knowledge, and forward thinking, we strive to deliver the finest products and services. Coupled with our Master Installation. We are confident our clients will receive the best service in our Industry.

Paint Protection Film

Protect your investment from everyday hazards!

Paint Protection film (PPF) also known as Clear Bra is the most effective way to protect your investment from rocks chips and road debris. All of our installations are custom to each specific vehicle. We do not use any pre-cut patterns. This allows us to have maximum coverage around intricate areas where most shops fall short. Rest assure that we are always pushing the boundaries, making the install look non-existent, but also protecting your prize possession.


Modesta Coating is one of the most innovative coatings to protect your paint, wheels, and Paint Protection Film. It shines above the rest in the Industry. This is why we have partnered with Modesta. Their superb product matched with our dedication to the industry, lets our clients know your vehicle is in great hands. 

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